WELDY HT 330-S, 230 V / 2300 W, EU plug - universal kit 


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WELDY HT 330-S, 230 V / 2000 W, EU plug - universal kit

Weldy HT 330-S is powerful, designed for the field of industrial heating, Vinyl floor construction, HDPE membrane welding for shrimp ponds, construction of chemical tanks, used to weld materials. thermoplastic HDPE, LDPE, EVA, PVC, ECB, PP.

⁂ P/N: 128.781
⁂ Voltage: 230V, Power 2000 W
⁂ Temperature: 80 - 650C
⁂ Air Presure suất gió: 1750 Pa
⁂ Weight : 0.7 Kg
⁂ Warrantee 6 months.
Nozzle seat: 35.5 ø [mm]
⁂ Brand: Weldy - a brand of Leister - Swiss

Product information

Powerful, professional heat gun by Weldy
The HT 330-S is a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic Weldy heat gun. Due to its high heating and blower capacity, it is one of the more powerful heat guns from Weldy. Infinitely variable, digital temperature control keeps a constant operating temperature between 80 °C to 650 °C respectively 176 °F and 1202 °F regardless of the air quantity setting and the nozzle accessory used. The multifunctional HT 330-S heat gun is suitable for wide variety of industrial applications, including car wrapping, cable shrinkage, loosening screws or fittings, etc.
The configurable energy-saving eco mode is activated via its sensor as soon as the operator puts the heat gun down. Weighing just 750 g / 1.65, the HT 330-A can be used for prolonged periods in hot-air applications without fatigue. Its soft-touch handle and well-balanced design ensure that it can be held securely and comfortably for any hot-air application. Additional functions including digital temperature control and eco mode set it apart from other products on the market, as well as the HT 330-S heat gun.

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