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roof40: the universal automatic welder from WELDY

The roof40 from WELDY is designed to live up to a whole host of different requirements, making it suitable for all roof applications and overlap welding of technical textiles or industrial membranes. Whether you need close-edge welding on roofs, welding in narrow areas measuring up to 100 mm, welding on narrow parapets, or overlap welding of truck tarpaulins, advertising banners, or films, the roof40 is the ideal choice. WELDY – simple. good. affordable.

Product information

•  universal: Overlap welding for all roof applications as well as for technical textiles such as tarpaulins, banners, and films
•  compact: For close-edge welding up to 100 mm – for example, in the parapet or in tight spaces
•  reliable and zero-maintenance: Thanks to its brushless drive
•  ergonomic and lightweight: Effortless work and transport thanks to ergonomically balanced design, practical carrying handle, guide bar, and low weight (16 kg)
•  digital: All welding parameters such as speed, temperature, and air volume can be set via the intuitive display

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