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Red Dot Design Award Winner
For woodchip and pellet boiler
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Air hose connection adapter
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Product information

Optimized ignition process
Leister has developed the IGNITER ignition blower specifically for use in pellet and wood chip heating systems. The IGNITER BR4 ignition blower provides 3.4 kW and surpasses any glow igniter. The advantage of this high performance blower is that the furnace is ignited faster, enabling a clean ignition process. Higher outputs, as with an IGNITER, is recommended for larger wood chips where fuel in part has much higher dampness.
Further product advantages are that the interfaces have been carefully selected so that the ignition blowers can be installed in any furnace with ease. Whether in a single-family home, in an agricultural operation, a communal building, or a local heating system that supplies entire residential areas, an IGNITER heating blower optimizes the ignition process of a woodchip or pellet boiler. This is done in effort to provide heat in an even more affordable and environmentally friendly manner.