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Groover 500-LP Practical, useful and handy machine for use by flooring installer, floor layer, floor covering fitters, contractors and interior decorators.

Product information

  • Cordless, battery operation with maximum flexibility
  • General-purpose milling blade for plastic and natural floor coverings
  • LED light to illuminate the grooving area
  • Sensing roller for reliable grooving, even on uneven floors
  • Side stop for grooving along rails
  • Three-point stand, enabling increased stability
  • Adjustable side roller for reliable grooving on pimpled floor coverings
  • Optimized rear guide roller for precise positioning

Grooving on even or uneven floors made from plastic or natural materials, close to the edge or along a guide rail is done with ease thanks to Leister's cordless grooving machine, GROOVER 500-LP. No more messy, tangled cords or tedious searching for electric power sockets on the job site. Your GROOVER 500-LP lets you switch from one room to another in no time. Cordless, powerful, reliable - that’s your GROOVER 500-LP.  

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