Weldy Hot Gun HG 530-A


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HG 530-A Universal Kit
⁂ Powerful in work mode, power-saving in ECO mode
⁂ Infinitely variable digital temperature control
⁂ Ergonomically designed, balanced, soft handle
⁂ Additional functions for industrial applications

Product information

Powerful, professional heat gun by Weldy
The HG 530-A is a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic Weldy heat gun. Due to its high heating and blower capacity, it is one of the more powerful heat guns from Weldy. Infinitely variable, digital temperature control keeps a constant operating temperature between 80 °C to 650 °C respectively 176 °F and 1202 °F regardless of the air quantity setting and the nozzle accessory used. The multifunctional HG 530-A heat gun is suitable for wide variety of industrial applications, including car wrapping, cable shrinkage, loosening screws or fittings, etc.
The configurable energy-saving eco mode is activated via its sensor as soon as the operator puts the heat gun down. Weighing just 750 g / 1.65, the HG 530-A can be used for prolonged periods in hot-air applications without fatigue. Its soft-touch handle and well-balanced design ensure that it can be held securely and comfortably for any hot-air application. Additional functions including digital temperature control and eco mode set it apart from other products on the market, as well as the HG 530-S heat gun.

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